"It takes courage to turn yourself inside out and show it to the world. My hope is that my art, if nothing else allows you to feel something and is an invitation to escape and dive into your own imagination. In this last year, I've taken my art career to a new level with subject and experience. I've been pushing the boundaries with my colour palette and composition as well as adding to my medium. I've enjoyed creating texture that I feel has added the next dimension to my work." Angela Bontempo, 2023


Angelina Bontempo is a contemporary artist whose work falls within the realm of Automatism art. She is of Italian descent and has been living and working in Grimsby, Ontario for the past 32 years. Angelina’s passion for art and creativity had grown as a strong part of her identity most of her life. Her greatest source of inspiration is in the contrast between light and dark which often exploits her pieces. Each one of her paintings have a deep connection to her and serve as a reminder of her emotional journey at the time they were created.

Mainly working with acrylics on canvas, she pushes the boundaries of color and tone. Creating contrast and depth by using a variety of palette knifes, catalyst painting wedges and a variety of mediums to achieve texture and surfaces with energetic layering to ultimately elicit an emotional response.




Angela Bontempo

May 6 — June 3, 2023


December 11 — February 26, 2022

Angela Bontempo

November 13 — December 31, 2021


March 2 — March 27, 2021