“Cynthia Chapman brings to her painting a Canadian background and a Contemporary sensibility combined with her own distinctive technique. Since the early 2000’s she has experimented with applying paint, creating densely covered canvases in vivid colours using a palette knife to apply the paint in quick, sharp strokes all over the canvas. This has resulted in a thickly worked surface, in which differently colored accents appear like sign posts on a tum on a tumultuous sea. Chapman is a trailblazer and soul-rattler, whatever her sources. She has evolved to be one of the country’s best artists, ad her explosive and fiery paintings dazzle the eye. In the uncertainties of post-pandemic life, she offers certainties about colour, emphasizing intuition over concept to snap into sharp focus her importance as an innovative colorist making some of the most riveting paintings of her career.” Joan Murray, 2022. Art Historian, Author, Curator


Cynthia Chapman employs a wide spectrum of colours in her abstract paintings, alternating between bold expressionism and softer, calmer palettes. Chapman layers her compositions with a thick impasto, treading heavily along the horizon, which weaves in and out of their strategically placed blocks of colour. Chapman is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. In 2000 she was awarded the Solomon Painting Award. Upon her graduation in 2003, she received the Mrs. W.O. Forsyth Award.

In 2003 she joined the stable of artists at the prestigious Ron Moore Gallery located in downtown Toronto. Chapman’s solo shows at Moore Gallery were very successful. Her most notable commissions include a series of large works done for the renowned Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville.

Chapman’s paintings can be found in numerous private and corporate collections across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Director John Mann with artist Cynthia Chapman at 401 Richmond St., Toronto. March, 2022


Canadian Art Dealer Ron Moore was introduced to abstract painter Cynthia Chapman in 2003 and he has been promoting her work ever since.



Cynthia Chapman

March 1 — May 19, 2023
sensing colour


June 11 — July 9, 2022


December 11 — February 26, 2022


March 2 — March 27, 2021

Modern Masters 2020

January 11 — February 15, 2020

A Passion for Abstraction

November 2 — December 2, 2019
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Evolving Legacies

June 2 — June 20, 2020