"Through material exploration and visually highlighting the symmetries, tessellations, and the unseen energy structures around us in magnetism, mineralogy, mathematics and physics, I hope to encourage the viewers` capacity to think creatively and to discover connections between these diverse and seemingly unrelated disciplines on both macro and micro scales.” ~ Alex Chorny 2022


Having studied Studio Art at Brock University, in addition to my studies in Life Sciences, as well as Accounting and Finance at the University of Waterloo, I have come to believe that art is the great connector to all human disciplines, and that trans-disciplinary research is essential to enriched idea generation. As artists, we are always instinctually looking for ways to subvert, to do things in a different and transgressive way. In the cannon of art history, we have always de-sanctified “the sacred” in order to create “the new”. I wanted to de-sanctify what painting has become and expand our traditional ideas of what art can be. As an exercise in this, I’ve decided to abandon traditional art-making materials and techniques in order to create experimental artworks through the manipulation of the natural forces of magnetism and gravity. The aim of my work is to invite viewers to broaden and reinterpret their perspectives on the relationship between science and the arts.”

Alex Chorny is an emerging interdisciplinary artist based in Burlington, Ontario. He is a graduate of the Studio Art Honours Program at Brock University’s Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, following his studies of Accounting and Finance, and Life Sciences at the University of Waterloo.



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Brock University 2023

April 1 — April 29, 2023
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May 7 — June 4, 2022
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Brock University

April 2 — April 30, 2022