Harold Feist


"Feist's lush, chromatic symphonies revealed the presence of underlying coherent rhythms and structures... These implicit rhythms and structures appeared to have mysteriously influenced the flow of colour across the canvas without inhibiting its freedom in any way, paradoxical as that may sound. They acted like a tidal pull that disciplined the layered pools of individual hues and urged their edges into loose parallels, like waves breaking on a beach, each with its own energy, each bringing its own flood of water, yet obedient to some dominant physical force. Yet unlike breaking waves, the liquid expanses of colour in Feist's paintings seemed to spread and swell rather slowly, as if finding their own way, rather than to racing across the canvas in response to a single strong directional impetus." Karen Wilkin, New York, September 2010


Senior artist Harold Feist is a Canadian Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1945 in Texas and currently resides in Toronto. Harold Feist received his MFA (Hoffberger Fellow) from The Maryland Institute, College of Art (Baltimore) in 1969. He is most known for his abstract and emotive investigations of spokes and fans. Feist’s early works explore the possibilities of the grid, while his recent paintings are poured, washed, dripped, and layered, exulting in the liquid washes of paint across the canvas’s surface.

Feist’s career was showcased in a 2011 exhibition and catalogue, Between Decisiveness and Discovery: The Paintings of Harold Feist, held in Vancouver and Toronto. Among his extensive list of exhibitions, he participated in the 2001 exhibition Clement Greenberg: A Critic’s Collection. Feist has toured Canada, the U.S, and Europe in group and solo exhibitions.