“Through the process of etching into the surface, deeper reflections of time can be considered”. Marianne Fowler


Marianne Fowler is a Toronto based abstract painter who graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005 receiving her BFA in Drawing and Painting. Her work engages actively in a dialogue between the past and the future of painting. It is a veritable link between the origins of pure abstraction in modernism and the more conceptual formats of painting in the postmodern age. This is a painterly conversation in which the viewer is invited to participate intimately, simply by looking carefully, blinking gently, and suspending judgment. Therefore in her work, Fowler creates space for reflection. Allowing the viewer to ascend, descend and interact with stripes within stripes. Each representing a pause and as your focus shifts to a different sequence, a deeper layer can be considered. Consequently, the viewer through the interaction with the painting, can be drawn into a different realm of space, for quiet contemplation. Marianne has been exhibiting her works since 1997 and has been collected by various corporate and private collections.


marianne fowler

Marianne Fowler

May 6 — June 3, 2023


August 21 — September 18, 2021