EXHIBITION OPENING Abstracted Together - Winter 2020 Group Show

Join us as we open our annual group show entitled Abstracted Together on Saturday, December 12, 2020 from 10 am to 5 pm. The exhibition will feature works from John Mann’s collection including the gallery's stable of artists with new names.

Exhibition will be featuring a different Artist B-weekly.


Artists Showing:

Michael Adamson
Karel Appel
Matt Bahen
Léon Bellefleur
Douglas Bentham
Ronald Bloore
Ronald Boaks
David Bolduc
Angela Bontempo
Alex Cameron
Cynthia Chapman
Thomas Chatfield
Ann Clarke
Kyle Clements
Kimberly Danielson
Salvador Dali

Blaise DeLong
Joseph Drapell
Floyd Elzinga
Geoff Farnsworth
Harold Feist
Michael Forster
Patricia Gagic
Mike Hansen
Rita Letendre
David Martin
Ronald Martin
Jean McEwen
Ray Mead
Bruce O’Neil
Gordon Rayner
William Rainey

Alice Reed
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Milly Ristvedt
Otto Rogers
William Ronald
Henry Saxe
Campbell Scott
Paul Sloggett
Daniel Solomon
David Sorensen
Harold Town
David Urban
Tony Urquhart
Karoly Veress
Joyce Wieland
York Wilson


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