MEET THE ARTISTS Cynthia Chapman and Geoff Farnsworth

RECOVERY reopens this Friday June 11, 2021.  Join us on Saturday, June 19, 2021 from 2 to 5 pm to meet the artists Cynthia Chapman and Geoff Farnsworth.

"Beauty is very much broader than just to the eye. It is our whole, positive response to life. An artist is fortunate in that his work is the inner contemplation of beauty, of perfection in life. we cannot make anything perfectly, but with inner contemplation of perfection we can suggest it.’ A quote by Agnes Martin” 

Cynthia Chapman, 2021 

“My paintings explore a relationship between figurative and abstraction in order to meld unconscious probing and stylistic innovation with a meditative figural base.” 

Geoff Farnsworth, 2021 

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