EXHIBITION OPENING A Passion for Abstraction

Join us for the grand opening of The Gallery at 13th Street Winery on Saturday, November 2, 2019 from 2 - 5 pm.

A Passion for Abstraction focuses on some of the most significant paintings, sculptures and artists in the collection. With this first introduction into the collecting sensibility of John and June Mann, a love for modern Canadian abstract emerges.

Presented in cooperation with Ron Moore (Moore Gallery, Toronto)

John and June Mann have been collecting and living with art for over fifty years, both at home and at work. Now they want to share their passion and offer their collection for sale. Drawing on the stories and the artists represented in their collection, each exhibition will include additional Canadian contemporary and historical art offering something new to discover with each visit.

Located at the 13th Street Winery in the Niagara Region and nestled amid an impressive contemporary sculpture garden, visitors to The Gallery will encounter a unique and dynamic environment that will expand their relationship to Art, Wine and Food. 

The Gallery is dedicated to delivering the same exceptional customer experience as the Winery. It is a place for visitors and clients to congregate and escape; to relax and discover, and to experience and learn about the joys of collecting and living with art.

Come for the Art - Stay for the Experience.

Dedicated to selling Canadian art and providing a full range of services that meet the needs of every art collector.

Artists in Collection:

Michael Adamson
Karel Appel
Ilan Averbuch
Léon Bellefleur
Douglas Bentham
Ronald Bloore
Ronald Boaks
David Bolduc
Paul-Émile Borduas
Alex Cameron
Lynne Chadwick
Cynthia Chapman
Thomas Chatfield
Kyle Clements
Salvador Dali
Joseph Drapell

Floyd Elzinga
Marcelle Ferron
Harold Feist
Michael Forster
Rita Letendre
David Martin
Ronald Martin
Jean McEwen
Ray Mead
Kazuo Nakamura
Bruce O’Neil
Gordon Rayner
William Rainey
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Milly Ristvedt
Otto Rogers

William Ronald
Henry Saxe
Campbell Scott
Paul Sloggett
Daniel Solomon
David Sorensen
Jeffrey Spalding
Harold Town
David Urban
Tony Urquhart
Karoly Veress
Joyce Wieland
York Wilson


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