MEET THE ARTISTS Alex Chorny and Floyd Elzinga

Join us on opening day and meet the artists Alex Chorny and Floyd Elzinga on Saturday, July 15, 2023 from 2 - 5 pm


“I have abandoned traditional art-making materials and techniques to create experimental artworks through the manipulation of the natural forces of magnetism and gravity. Through material exploration in pattern and texture, I have endeavoured to visually highlight the symmetries, tessellations, and unseen energy structures around us in magnetism, mineralogy, mathematics, and physics.” – Alex Chorny



“ People would say I love your art and I would say that’s not my art, that’s my artifice. I am drawn to the distinction between polar opposites. Subsequently, duality is an underlying theme in my work. I employ natural and non-traditional sculpting materials to create conceptual sculptures, but more than a decade of steel fabrication has made metals my dominant choice of materials. I was initially drawn to using steel as a material because of its plastic nature. It is a common, fast working material that is very forgiving allowing me to sketch my thoughts in line-drawing style panels and persuasively formed sculptures. As a sculptor, my work is predominately three dimensional, but recently I developed ‘painter envy’ and decided to work ‘two dimensionally’.” – Floyd Elzinga

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