MEET THE ARTISTS Drapell & Seven

Join us on opening day, Saturday May 25, from 2pm to 5pm for an exclusive opportunity to engage with eight wonderful artists. 

This unique showcase invites art lovers to experience two distinct artistic visions concurrently, running from May 25th to June 22nd, 2024. 

"DRAPELL" showcases the works of esteemed Canadian artist Joseph Drapell, including new pieces and significant historical paintings that have been stored away for many years.

Following this, "SEVEN" highlights landscape paintings by Robert Amirault, Jody Clement, Joachim Gmoser, Chrissy Nickerson, Jill Sapiente, Svetlana Turov, and Ron Wilkie. Their diverse artworks, each with strong, distinctive styles, promise an engaging visual journey throughout the exhibition.

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