MEET THE ARTISTS Matt Bahen, Cynthia Chapman and Kyle Clements

Join us on Saturday, February 22, 2020 from 2 - 5 pm as we open our next exhibition EVOLVING LEGACIES and meet the artists Matt Bahen, Cynthia Chapman and Kyle Clements.

Modernism has much uncharted territory. The featured artists strike out new paths for themselves. Their work speaks effectively of the art of today with its devotion to the nature of creative expression.

"I am primarily influenced by literature. Using various motifs including water, fire, and animals, I construct individual narratives that remain in a state of perpetual tension." ~Matt Bahen, 2020



"In my pictorial experiments, the desired outcome is a composition with a sense of movement and expressiveness in colour, balanced by harmony and contrast." ~Cynthia Chapman, 2020



"You have all these billboards, flashing signs and neon and they're all screaming for my attention at once. The buzz and rush and energy are really exciting and inspiring.. So I started working on a series about capturing the energy and excitement of life in the city." ~Kyle Clements, 2010

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