David Urban: Private Collection

David Urban: Private Collection

September 25, 2021 to October 30, 2021

Featuring works by David Urban from John Mann's Collection

Urban is one of Canada's most celebrated artists, his works can be found in public collections across the country, including every major gallery (Art Gallery of Ontario, National Gallery of Canada) as well as Museum London.

"The brush stroke and its use in the manufacture of a painting - it should convey an intimacy with the artist's mind and with a kind of philosophical or emotional attachment to the world." ~David Urban, Art Gallery of Peel, 1998 Parts of a World, interview with David Somers

"Urbans sense of composition has about it an uncompromising rightness. What that means is that he is adept, not only at knowing when to make a mark, but also when not to make one." ~Robert Enright, BorderCrossing 2001

"For Urban, art is never-ending inquisition into how and why we see, and a personal struggle to translate, somehow, the confoundments of an internal emotional roil into paint on canvas. Urban's art is art as it once was: unapologetically genuine and deeply sincere." ~Murray Whyte, Toronto Star 2011

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