Full Spectrum: A Life in Colour

Full Spectrum: A Life in Colour

April 4, 2020 to May 9, 2020 (Due to COVID lockdowns the exhibition has been postponed to August 10, 2020  to September 12, 2020)

Featuring artists Daniel Solomon and Paul Sloggett

"My paintings are a celebration of life, expressed through light, colour and movement. The images in these paintings are abstract although they have connections to landscape, the seasons and the natural world. My inspiration comes from travel with my wife Martha." ~Daniel Solomon

"For me the joy of colour is in the experience of colour, in it's ability to establish a mood, a time of day or season, or to convey a notion of place or location, a flavour or taste, the way that a song can make you recall a previous time or past experience. Maybe it is due to a touch of synesthesia but for me colour is palpable." ~Paul Sloggett

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