Hear Us Roar

Hear Us Roar

July 17, 2021 to August 14, 2021

Featuring artists Ann Clarke, Kimberly Danielson and Patricia Gagic

“The compositional relationships in my paintings are made of subtle colours, textures, lines and surfaces - with shapes that have been invented and more recently collaged from the recycled packaging left over from our daily living. Each painting is a composition made by one human being, designed to surprise and to be enjoyed visually by other human beings: to be a painting that will stand the test of repeated viewing and continue to satisfy ongoing contemplation over time. These paintings are made to stay the same and to be enjoyed, while everything else in our world is always undergoing change.” ~Ann Clarke, 2021

“My vibrant and sculptural paintings reference the bold Scandinavian palette, handicraft and textile traditions. The themes are drawn from my life experience, love of the natural world and my career as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist.” ~Kimberly Joy Danielson, 2020

“True Art heals, True Art restores equanimity. Art must regenerate the sense of well-being. That is its true purpose. This regeneration of well-being is an overarching purpose in my method and is the context of my intellectual consideration around image-making. It is my experience that well-being resides as an already-present condition in the domain of the esoteric rather than exoteric world of things and strategies designed to make us feel better, or safe, or at ease. I try to stand on the magical horizon where the rules of nature and the mystical unknown find their way together from mind to hand to canvas in order to create conditions for well-being to be re-animated in experience of the viewer.” ~Patricia Gagic 2021

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