Into Nature

Into Nature

August 21, 2021 to September 18, 2021

Featuring artists Carlo Amantea, Floyd Elzinga and Marianne Fowler

“Art allows us simultaneously to find ourselves and to loose all we think we know. Nature does the same thing if we allow it. The marriage of nature and art is something I preside over daily. Throughout my work, colour gradients play with the viewer’s sense of volume and dimension. By repeating certain shapes, drawings and layering of colour what emerges is a focal point that has depth and movement.  It's my life's work and I can't help but be caught up and lost and found in it. I believe in worlds on canvas I am hard pressed to leave.  Nonetheless I am only responsible for what I paint not what you see! Risk joining me.” ~Carlo Amantea 2021

“My work is rooted in the dichotomy between the natural and cultivated. I use steel, a cold and industrial material, to create a physical, rustic landscape narrative. Initially drawn to steel due to its malleable, plastic and forgiving nature, I continue to be persuaded by the way light plays off the etched and scratched surface.” ~Floyd Elzinga, 2020

“My work engages actively in a curious interchange between the past and the future of painting. It is an exploration between the origins of pure abstraction in modernism and the more conceptual forms of painting in the postmodern age. This is a painterly dialogue between the viewer and the painting, where a space for reflection is created, allowing the viewer to ascend, descend and interact within echos of stripes within stripes. Each represents a pause and as your focus shifts to a different sequence, a deeper layer can be considered. Consequently, the viewer through the interaction with the painting, can be drawn into a different realm of spaces, for quiet contemplation.” ~Marianne Fowler, 2021

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