Cynthia Chapman and Kimberly Danielson

Cynthia Chapman and Kimberly Danielson

August 19, 2023 to September 16, 2023

Cynthia Chapman

“Chapman’s paintings acquire a special magical power through becoming part of the viewers' embodied existence and sense of self. The real gives rise to an imaginative experience that finally returns to the life world. Her images become rooted in us as if somehow we created them. They become our own permitting us to experience our own mental emotions through her wise and subtle expression.” ~Sean Duranovich M.Arch


Kimberly Danielson

My paintings are the “stuff that dreams are made of.” The painting process is informed by my long career as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist and my Scandinavian heritage.

The painting process is partially directed by free association which results in the painting emerging in an inter-subjective space in which I influence the painting and the painting influences me. Scandinavian color sensibility, carving and a strong textile tradition continue to influence me in my work. Recently the three R’s; refuge, respite, and rejuvenation, have been the themes dominating my work in this time of turbulence. The colors and freedom of the natural world offer an escape into tranquility. ~Kimberly Danielson 

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