June 27, 2020 to August 1, 2020

Featuring artists Ronald Boaks, Kimberly Danielson and Floyd Elzinga

As the province of Ontario begins to reopen, 13th Street Gallery is thrilled to announce a new exhibition entitled REOPENING, featuring works by two local Niagara artists, Ronald Boaks and Floyd Elzinga and Toronto-based Kimberly Joy Danielson.

"Working in a variety of media with a focus on abstraction, the most common elements incorporated in my works are colour, balance, wit and whimsy. These compelling two and three-dimensional works are created through a Modernist, Romantic lens." ~Ronald Boaks, 2020

"My work is rooted in the dichotomy between the natural and cultivated. I use steel, a cold and industrial material, to create a physical, rustic landscape narrative. Initially drawn to steel due to its malleable, plastic and forgiving nature, I continue to be persuaded by the way light plays off the etched and scratched surface." ~Floyd Elzinga, 2020

"My vibrant and sculptural paintings reference the bold Scandinavian palette, handicraft, and textile traditions. The themes are drawn from my life experience, love of the natural world and my career as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist." ~Kimberly Joy Danielson, 2020


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