Sensing Colour

Sensing Colour

June 11, 2022 to July 9, 2022

Featuring artists Kimberly Danielson, Kyle Clements and Cynthia Chapman

"Joyful journey of colour and texture in a time of uncertainty" ~Kimberly Danielson, 2022

"These paintings are inspired by the repetition of walking the same empty neihbourhood streets over and over again, while only being able to interact with people over social media platforms, and observing the algorithms pulling everyone in different directions, resulting in things feeling out of balance." ~Kyle Clements, 2022

"Cynthia Chapman brings to her painting a Canadian background and a Contemporary sensibility combined with her own distinctive technique. Since the early 2000s she has experimented with applying paint, creating densely covered canvases in vivid colours using a palette knife to apply the paint in quick, sharp strokes all over the canvas. This has resulted in a thickly worked surface, in which differently coloured accents appear like sign posts on a tumultuous sea.
Chapman is a trailblazer and soul-rattler, whatever her sources. She has evolved to be one of the country's best artists, and her explosive and fiery paintings dazzle the eye. In the uncertainties of post-pandemic life, she offers certainties about colour, emphasizing intuition over concept to snap into sharp focus her importance as an innovative colourist making some of the most riveting paintings of her career." ~Joan Murray, 2022, Art Historian, Author, Curator

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