A Bright New Exhibition at 13th Street Gallery

A Bright New Exhibition at 13th Street Gallery

ST CATHARINES – 13th Street Gallery located at 13th Street Winery, 1776 Fourth Avenue in St. Catharines opened a colourful and joyful exhibition of new works by two prolific painters that work with the impasto technique on Saturday, August. 19, 2023. This bright new exhibition featuring exceptional colourist, Canadian artists Cynthia Chapman and Kimberly Danielson will continue for the next four weeks until Saturday, September 16, 2023.

Cynthia Chapman’s beautiful palette knife paintings demonstrate years of working and mastering oils. Art collector Sean Duranovich explains, “Chapman’s paintings acquire a special magical power through becoming part of the viewer’s embodied existence and sense of self. The real gives rise to an imaginative experience that finally returns back to the life world. Her images become rooted in us as if somehow, we created them. They become our own permitting us to experience our own mental emotions through her wise and subtle expression.”

Kimberly Danielson explains her paintings are the “stuff that dreams are made of.” Her painting process is informed by her long career as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist and her Scandinavian heritage. She explains that her painting process is partially directed by free association which results in the painting emerging in an inter-subjective space in which she influences the painting and the painting influences her.  Inspired by Scandinavian color sensibility, carving, and textiles, these new paintings are rich with textures.  Recently the three R’s; refuge, respite, and rejuvenation, have been the themes dominating Danielson’s work in these times of turbulence. The colors and freedom of the natural world offer an escape into tranquility.

Co-owner of 13th Street Winery, John Mann has been collecting and living with art for over fifty years, both at home and at work. Art has always been an integral part of the Winery’s vision to provide visitors with a unique experience that stimulates all the senses, not just taste.
13th Street Gallery opened its doors on November 2, 2019 offering guests the opportunity to view and purchase original artwork from the collection and beyond. The collection includes works by some of Canada’s most celebrated artists, including Harold Town of Toronto’s Painters Eleven and Jean-Paul Riopelle and Rita Letendre of Montreal’s Les Automatistes movements. The Gallery features both contemporary and historical Canadian fine art in a series of changing exhibitions. The Gallery is dedicated to selling Canadian art.
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For more information contact Margie Galita at 13th Street Gallery located at
1776 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines ON phone: 289 968 1840
email: margie@manngallery.ca

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