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Lou Losier is a Brock University Visual Arts graduate who has been exploring sculpture and drawing with themes about identity and life experiences, through comedic storytelling. His intentions are for his audiences to interact with topics they might not have connections to by using design elements borrowed from cartoons, with focus on colour and character. His recent body of work called L’nu (Mi’kmaq word for “the people”) was created to understand both his past, present and future within an Indigenous and queer world view.

“Humour and playfulness allow me to use my art as a method of looking back and finding light and encouraging others to do so. In the first cycle, I focus on stories around childhood and self-discovery, whilst in the second I look forward to generosity and creating a full circle of healing and leadership. Within the markings on the sculptures, I demonstrate research of Mi’kmaq hieroglyphics and symbolism, and bring my experiences to life through characterizations.”

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