LEVEL UP Amantea, Russo, Saxe

Open from August 20, 2022 to September 17, 2022

EXHIBITION OPENS on Saturday August 20th, 2022

Featuring works by Carlo Amantea, Silvio Russo and Henry Saxe


“‘Just as ALL emotions need to be savoured and not suppressed, the manner in which I apply paint to canvas is an extension and replication of this very concept. Painting is a mirror image of my truest, most emotional self. The ebb and flow, the push and pull and the tug and release of artistic expression is my constant inspiration and motivation. My art does not hold back, contain, appease or soothe. My extensive journey is all about flow, joy, deep rooted curiosity and simply put, awe of raw emotion. Challenging the status quo is important to me. This perpetually results in my best work.”

Carlo Amantea, 2022

“Silvio Russo is one of the most eloquent and insightful artists of this doctrine, seeking ever subtler and surer a command of space’s expanding horizons. Whatever he touches goes through a constant transformation, whether the dimension is the city, a room or a wall his art is revealed to us as an intellectual and sensory excursion into the mind and sensibility of the man himself; drawing us immediately into the experience of his art.”

Arthur Erickson

“What makes art intriguing is not what is easily revealed, but the question marks that remain. So it is with our world: from our senses, we attempt to construct, to build meaning, from our surroundings.”

Henry Saxe is a Canadian artist of an international repute. He represented Canada at the 1978 Venice Biennale; and his work is represented in virtually all the major public museum and gallery collections in Canada. As well as having artworks in many important private collections in Canada and the United States.

Christopher Youngs, 2007

Carlo Amantea

Henry Saxe

Ronald Boaks