Vanessa Brownbridge

As part of the 35th Annual Pelham Art Festival. Vanessa Brownbridge’s works will be on display at the Bakery Gallery Until May 14. Be sure to stop by to check it out!



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“I am a semiabstract and motivational artist living in the Fenwick area and I enjoy water media’s fluid and lyrical representation in my work.”

The art on display portrays the Spirit and Energy of Life. Spring and Mother’s Day celebrations inspire this Kenyan born artist to depict Earth as the Grandest Mother of us all. Growing up, learning to care for large powerful African animals and their families taught me much about the essential larger FAMILY. . .  NATURE.

Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes are highly sensitive, engaged, loving caregivers. The adults constantly, energetically, and playfully interact with their boisterous young ones, while tall stately African women swaying at dawn and dusk walk by them daily in the rising sun or the approaching dusk to just collect water for daily living. Water is also Mother, the crucial essence of life, a feminine Gift of POWER. In Canada, Transcendence is an expression of all the plentiful clean fresh water we of the West are so blessed to have flow out in plenitude at the magical turn of a tap.

I hope my depictions get people to reflect on much deeper issues, that don’t first catch the eye, but tantalize the mind.


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