Leonardo’s Wind I by Douglas Bentham

Douglas Bentham

Leonardo’s Wind I, 2017

burnished stainless steel
7.5’ x 8’ x 2’

13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2017

By incorporating culture and academic studies, Bentham creates metaphors that develop into themes; this sculpture explores the use of linear rhythm. Inspired by Picasso, and influenced by landscape, architecture, urban spaces and light, Bentham’s abstracted, geometric components and pieces create provoking thoughts. Beyond exploring the material, this sculpture is about movement, space and time. The artist’s direct goal is to capture his ideas, emotions and his spirituality into these inert materials and to somehow create a spirit within the artwork.

Artist Statements:
“I produce public-scaled sculpture as an ongoing component of my discipline. My belief is that public sculpture can only be defined as such if it meaningfully engages both its setting and the people who inhibit that setting.”

“I apply a holistic approach to my art making in which juxtapositions of self-similar forms create – like metaphors – a tension composed of similarities and differences between the terms of the sculpture. The more dynamic this tension, the greater the possibility that my sculpture can provoke the brain into wonder and awe, and a sense of unexpected truth or beauty.”

About The Artist:
Douglas Bentham was born in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, in 1947. He lives and works in a rural setting near Saskatoon, SK. Bentham graduated with a BA Advanced degree in painting from the University of Saskatchewan in 1969. He received an MFA in sculpture from that institution in 1989.