Madonna by Karoly Veress

Karoly Veress

Madonna, circa 1970s

Cararra marble
62” x 16” x 20”

13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2009

Outside the doors to the Bakery Farmhouse, welcoming guests you will find Madonna by Karoly Veress. It is the oldest sculpture from the Veress collection. This sculpture honours Karoly’s wife Margot and their first child, it was made in the seventies when Margot was pregnant. Made in the Netherlands, the marble was sourced from a Greek quarry that has been in operation since the time of Christ. This piece was shipped to Canada in the eighties.

Veress believes that sculpture should not merely be a translation of the human experience into form, but should also explore the aspect of the human psyche that is detached from everyday life – from actuality. Art is truthful and authentic when it gives the moment of its creation a place in the universal order.

About The Artist:
Karoly Veress (1935-2020) was born in the rugged mountains of Transylvania. The upheaval of the Second World War forced him to recognize the fragility of his environment and the system that shaped it.