Opening by Karoly Veress

Karoly Veress

Opening, circa 1979

cast bronze
114” x 36” x 36”

13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2009

Located on top of the hill, offering a great vista of the vineyards and winery is “Opening”. This sculpture was made in the Netherlands at the end of the seventies. Originally modeled in plaster and cast at an art foundry in the early eighties before shipping to Canada.

Veress believes that sculpture should not merely be a translation of the human experience into form but should also explore the aspect of the human psyche that is detached from everyday life. “Opening” symbolizes the strength we gather from being together in our safe places. The sculpture opens up to the outside world from our secure spot, from that spot we can do what life asks from us, offering us the possibility to grow into space.

Critical Review by Peter de Rijke”
“Karoly Veress seeks and finds visualized solutions to human emotions and knows, in spite of his choice of cool materials like bronze and marble, how to give them a warm feeling. His ambition to create those feelings aims at abstraction as the most objective way to communicate. Furthermore, his strength lies in the fact that the relationship with visible reality never totally disappears. His intellectual understanding and emotional feelings are balance. The works are designed and finished with the utmost care for this purpose.”

About The Artist:
Karoly Veress (1935-2020) was born in the rugged mountains of Transylvania. The upheaval of the Second World War forced him to recognize the fragility of his environment and the system that shaped it.