Pompeii Gate III by Douglas Bentham

Douglas Bentham

Pompeii Gate, 2015

burnished stainless steel
123” x 50” x 34”

13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2018

Along with Palmyra Gate II, which stands beside this sculpture, Pompeii Gate is also part of Bentham’s Gate Series, a series that developed since the completion of his commissioned sculpture of Northridge Developments.

Bentham works “in and around the constructivist process, which is an additive and subtractive approach to collaging.” He often finishes his sculptures with a variety of surface treatments such as high-gloss enamel, patinating with ferric and copper nitrate on the brass and bronze, hand-rubbing or coating with various substance, in order to produce painterly surface effects and bring out the inherent qualities of light and colour of his material.

Artist Statement:
“I enter into a kind of prayer with the material with the goal of creating a rhythm that will carry me through many days in the studio. I address several pieces simultaneously, always on the edge of seeing the art in unexpected ways, allowing it to assert itself by my presence.”

About The Artist:
Douglas Bentham was born in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, in 1947. He lives and works in a rural setting near Saskatoon, SK. Bentham graduated with a BA Advanced degree in painting from the University of Saskatchewan in 1969. He received an MFA in sculpture from that institution in 1989.