Source by Karoly Veress

Karoly Veress

Source, circa early 2000s

painted sheet metal
116” x 22” x 13”

13th Street Winery Permanent Collection since 2009

This sculpture symbolizes man opening himself to the source of all power, whether it is a god, the sun or something else. It suggests that we should be open and accepting to all that is given to us in this life.

This sculpture was formed out of thick sheets of metal that was hammered, welded, and painted; a technique developed by Karoly. Producing work with sheet metal takes tremendous strength and endurance, Karoly would hold the heavy metal with one hand while wielding a heavy hammer with the other. After the sheets had the desired form, they were welded together to make the three dimensional shapes, sanded and painted. His right arm would always become twice as muscled as the other from the heavy work.

Artist Statement:
“I am put on the earth in the middle of creation. My life is a flight into the protection of others, and a flight back to loneliness to see if I still exist. I exist in making sculptures.”

About The Artist:
Karoly Veress (1935-2020) was born in the rugged mountains of Transylvania. The upheaval of the Second World War forced him to recognize the fragility of his environment and the system that shaped it.