Cultivating Pigments

Cultivating Pigments

"Cultivating Pigments is a concept exhibition that explores the relationship between wine, food and art. Curated by Margie Galita, you will find yourself experiencing the colours of the spectrum through the paintings of some of Canada’s important artists.

Book online for our April 6, 2024 WINE FOOD ART event. In collaboration with 13th Street Winery enjoy an art inspired pairing of Wine and Food by our culinary Chef Josh Berry and knowledgeable Sommelier Corinne Witusik.
John Mann, Director

Artists Showing:

Carlo Amantea
Douglas Bentham
Mark Birksted
David Bolduc
Angela Bontempo
Cynthia Chapman
Chaka Chikodzi

Alex Chorny
Ann Clarke
Kyle Clements
Kimberly Joy Danielson
Blaise DeLong
Joseph Drapell
Floyd Elzinga
Geoff Farnsworth

Harold Feist
Marianne Fowler
Patricia Karen Gagic
Christopher Knights
Walter Redinger
Henry Saxe
Daniel Solomon
Paul Sloggett

 Walk through the spectrum and experience a rainbow of colours.



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