Patricia Karen Gagic

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“Motivated by the delicate balancing of elements of the past, choices made in the present and a powerful intention to change the future, each thought and intuition becomes master to the emergence of form and method in my art making.  Complexity is a key frame. The infinity of possible iterations of a form is a fascination intellectually and in terms of my method. It drives how I engage with materials in the searc

h for what is luminous to the eye and transcendent in meaning to the heart. My art is intended to point to what is greater than the conventional and logic-based point-of-view.”

Patricia is an accomplished international contemporary artist and an award-winning author. Patricia exhibited with BB International Fine Arts in Switzerland with her work accepted at art fairs in Geneva, Berlin, France, Austria, Zurich, London United Kingdom and Seoul, Korea. In 1999, she began her solo mentorship with Master artist Dragan Dragic in Sovoillan, France.

In 2017, she received the Arts Excellence Award for courage and commitment to human rights, dignity and freedom from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association in Toronto. It is a very important and prestigious award given to Canadians who dedicate their lives to service and art. Patricia is a certified meditation specialist / facilitator who completed her certification in Applied Mindfulness and Transformative Mindfulness and Mindfulness Without Borders from the Faculty of Social Work Factor Inwentash at the University of Toronto. Her studies continue at Yale University, Princeton and the University of Alberta. Patricia has received numerous awards and nominations, including Status of Women – Woman of the Year, YMCA Peace Medal, YWCA Women of Distinction, and the Toronto Women’s Expo Award of Excellence. She is an invited member of the IWF (International Women’s Forum) Toronto Chapter and member of the Engagement Committee.

Patricia Karen Gagic

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Published on August 03, 2021

Patricia Karen Gagic - International Contemporary Artist, Exhibits at the 13th Street Gallery

SOURCE: PVM MAGAZINE by Jules Lavalle Jules Lavallee, Celebrity Writer in LA. covering celebrities, entrepreneurs, global leaders, authors and business leaders sits with artist Patricia Gagic to discuss her exhibition at 13th Street Gallery in St. Catharines.  READ HERE 

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