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Alexis D’Silva, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, is a recent graduate of Brock University, having completed her Bachelor of Arts, and is currently enrolled in Teacher Education. Alexis, an acrylic and mixed media artist, delves into her culture and identity, navigating the complexities of being a first-generation immigrant with parents hailing from India and Pakistan.

As a first-generation immigrant from Indian and Pakistani heritage, Alexis grapples with merging her parents' Goan backgrounds, feeling caught between two worlds. The artist has always felt “too brown to be in part of a white dominated group, and too white to be part of a brown group”. In her paintings, she aims to harmoniously merge the Indian and Canadian cultures, highlighting the beauty of this unique intersection.

Alexis draws inspiration from artists like Mickalene Thomas, whose work showcases "Black women whom she considers mentors and muses. Her subjects create a commentary on the reality of Black women today – disrupting Western notions of beauty, identity, and art" (Ontario Art Gallery, 2019). This influence is evident in Alexis's work as she explores the beauty of Indian women while embracing her Canadian identity.

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