Collection: Astrid Akkerman

Astrid Akkerman was born in the Netherlands in 1956, she became a Canadian citizen in 1963 and lived most of her life in the Niagara area. She is a self-taught artist, graduating from Niagara College in 1996 in the Creative and Visual Arts Program, including courses in desktop publishing. Astrid prefers working in watercolour, but also works in acrylic, oil, pencil. Her works focuses on the beauty and vibrancy of life, she paints in abstract, as well as landscape and portraits.

Winning the Bronze Award in 1996 for the 3-D Designers Arts competition in New York, N.Y. U.S.A., Astrid was also a runner up for Q107 Toronto radio station’s album cover design contest and ‘Best Picture in Show’ in the Niagara Regional Exhibition. She has exhibited in galleries in Canada, including ‘Passion for Life’, an exhibition in Toronto, Canada, as well as the ‘Water for Life’ exhibition in Cancun, Mexico.

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