Bart Shigeru Uchida

A third generation Japanese Canadian, Bart was born in Vancouver, Canada. He has lived and worked in Italy and the United States, and in 1982 moved to Boston where he currently resides. Bart’s work has evolved to include large-scale installations, performance art, collaborations and public art. He has participated in several international sculpture symposia, and has exhibited his work in Western Europe, Macedonia FYR, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and the United States.

Bart is represented in numerous public and private collections, including: Les Avins, Belgium; Iwate Ken Sculpture Park, Japan; Fondazione Pagani, Milan, Italy; City of Homburg, Germany; City of Brantford, Ontario; City of Ottawa, Canada; Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario; Leob Collection, Ottawa, Canada; O.J. Firestone Collection of Canadian Artists, Besjakov Collection, Denmark; Contemporary Art Museum, Skopje Macedonia FYR; City of Cambridge, MA; City of Boston, MA; State of Texas, Dept of Highways; City of Sumter, S. Carolina; The Tanne Foundation, New Hampshire.

Bart’s awards include: Merit Award, Boston Society of Landscape Architects (1996); Design for Excellence, Urban Landscape Award, Massachusetts Urban Horticulture Society (1998); and Sustainable Design Award, Boston Society of Architects (1995). Bart has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the City of Boston Browne Fund, the LEF Foundation, New England Foundation for the arts, the Cambridge Arts Council, the Asian Cultural Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council.

Bart has organized two cultural art exchanges: A Unifying Gift, U.S. – Macedonia cultural exchange and The Essence of Place, an exchange of artists and urban designers between the cities of Boston MA and Tainan, Taiwan.

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