Collection: Bruno Capolongo

Bruno Capolongo is an established artist of Neapolitan descent whose work is collected by private and corporate collectors in addition to public galleries and museums. With a record of hundreds of exhibitions, the artist is and has been represented by some of the finest art establishments, including galleries in Toronto, New York City, Montreal, Washington DC and more.

Capolongo is a triple recipient of the internationally coveted Elizabeth Greenshields prize, and he has been honored with many articles in magazines, newspapers, and book covers. The artist's home and studio are located within Niagara's Wine Region (Canada). Capolongo’s exhibits and career have been honoured with the support of the Italian and Canadian Governments, and he has been included among the world’s living masters by International Artist Magazine.

Bruno Capolongo is not easily branded or categorized by style. His eclectic exploration across genres and media are indicative of his artistic vigour and constant striving for creative expression.

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