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Christine Royal is a mixed-media artist who has developed her art style in the last 20 years through utilizing creativity as a therapeutic modality in her work with clients as a Registered Psychotherapist. She has consistently revelled in the colours and asymmetry of her surroundings both natural and produced. Her personal journey of claiming her creativity began by processing loss. The benefits Christine experiences through her art practice she enthusiastically brings to clients.

Currently and for the last ten years, Christine facilitates art journal classes. Her classes give folks opportunity to experience their authentic self by exploring paints, collage, writing, and drawing all with a sense of play, emphasizing the process and not the end product.

Christine has discovered her colour mixing and exploration tends to change with the seasons and day by day. Her abstracts and images often include acrylic layers with vintage book pages, maps, asemic writing, and mark making with whatever is nearby, sticks, forks, seashells, rags, etc.

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