Collection: Douglas Archer

Douglas Gordon Archer was born and raised in the Hamilton/Dundas area of Ontario. He started oil painting at the age of 8 and has recently returned to it after a career centered around engineering, architecture, and building designs. For many years Doug produced valve designs and control systems for the Candu Nuclear Generating Stations, Canadian Destroyers and U.S. Nuclear Submarines, along with building many local Custom Homes. His creativity, designing and drawing ability have remained an integral part of his life.

“Art to me is Creation, the ability to take what one sees, or imagines, then create and render the result from one’s ‘Mind’s Eye’ and ‘Emotions’; bringing something new, into the world. Then putting it out there for others to view. The whole process is a continuous search for excellence.”

Doug has shown at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Station Qne, McMaster Innovation Center, Art at Seven, Dundas Valley School of Art, The Cotton Factory, and many local shows.

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