Collection: Dr. Lynette Fast

Dr. Lynette Fast holds a PhD in Learning and Instruction and a MEd in Art Education. Now retired from her Associate Professor position at Brock Faculty of Education, Fast is now a full-time Visual Artist. Inspired by the Niagara Escarpment, Fast continues to change and explore media and her artistic approach to the subject. She now works mainly with acrylic on paper in a style that echoes certain characteristics of American artists Al Broulliette, Maxine Masterfield, and Edward Betts. Her works combine glazing, stenciling, stippling, mono-printing, and calligraphic line—done in a measured additive and subtractive interplay over several weeks or months.

“My subject is the Escarpment; my goal is to portray what I see there as music or poetry, as I concentrate on pattern, visual texture and tone, balance, emphasis, movement, and syncopation.”

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