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Edward DeMarsh is a self-taught Canadian artist who began his art journey under the mentorship of Chinese artist Zhen Liu. He works with paper, acrylics and mixed media, often in a relief style. His works have the qualities of abstract painting, design, and sculpture all bound dramatically and beautifully together.

The Arts has always been a part of Edward’s working life. He is an internationally published prose writer, a professional and award-winning theater director and actor, a multi-optioned screenwriter, a visual artist, and a musician.

”I’ve come to understand that connections happen for reasons that lie beyond beliefs or philosophy. To connect there must be a moment where both sides reach to grip something held, even if only for an instant, in common.”

His work has been shown at the Swiss Art Expo in Zurich, Switzerland (2023). He represented Canada in the 2019 Annual Chengdu International Creativity and Design Exhibition held in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, PRC. He shows extensively in British Columbia and recently in Ontario.

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