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Hanieh Ghelichpour is a graduating student from Brock University's Visual Arts program. She is a Persian abstract expressionist painter who currently resides in Canada.
Inspired by traditional Persian music and poetry, she incorporates her innovative Persian calligraphy style into her paintings, bridging her cultural heritage with her present immigration experience. Through her large-scale acrylic paintings, Ghelichpour channels emotions and memories onto the canvas, inviting viewers on a journey of introspection.

A part of Ghelichpour's artistic practice allocates to repurposing earlier works. She infuses them with fresh concepts and gives them a second chance to be seen in a new setting by collaging different artworks in one consistent but dynamic piece.
Ghelichpour's artworks have been featured in multiple national and international exhibitions and festivals, including the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts Gallery (Canada), Pelham Art Festival (Canada), and Yasamin Art Gallery (Iran).

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