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Helen Michlik is a self-taught a self-taught artist working in pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, and encaustics. She has taken fine arts courses and participated in workshops at Niagara College, Mohawk College, and The Niagara Pumphouse Visual Art Centre. She also studied the philosophy of art at Mohawk College.

Her primary interest lies in portraiture and life drawing. Along with her art practice, Helen teaches oil painting classes and works with schools regularly. She has conducted encaustic painting and life drawing workshops at The Niagara Pumphouse Visual Art Centre and has illustrated three children's books.

A resident of St. Catharines, Helen has exhibited her works at various venues in Niagara, and is an active member of the St. Catharines Art Association and the Niagara Pumphouse Visual Art Centre. Since 2013 Helen has organized Niagara Poets & Painters, a group of artists and writers for annual "poets & painters" exhibits. Along with a group of plein air painters, explores and captures the beautiful Niagara Peninsula in her art.

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