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Jane Marshall is a painter and a glass worker who was born in Welland, ON and raised on the family farm in Willoughby Township. After graduating from Westlane SS in Niagara Falls, she earned degrees in Fine Art and Education at the University of Toronto, also taking part in courses offered at OCAD and the Toronto School of Art. Jane’s career included teaching secondary school, department headships in Visual Arts in the Peel District School Board and teaching assignments in France, Italy, Greece and China.

Initially interested in the area of textiles, she later expanded her skills, working in painting, photography, glassworking, graphic design, and preparing print publications, as well as producing television and video projects. She operated an arts consulting business providing services to support artists’ careers for many years. Jane very early became adept in the use of computers to produce artwork, and continues to utilize digital media and photography in her working practice. As a glassworker, Marshall has produced works in stained and sandblasted glass, as well as blown, formed and slumped glass, and, most recently, in flameworking.

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