Karole Marois

Born and raised in Ottawa Canada, Karole Marois is a contemporary figurative painter based in Prince Edward County Ontario.

A Fine Arts graduate of Ontario College of Art (now OCADU), she also holds a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.

Karole is an ardent explorer of the compelling human-nature connection in her work. The innate emotional bond and attraction humans have towards water form the core of her series of paintings. Informed by her personal love for water, her role as an avid swimmer, sailor, and indeed a water lover, she seeks to encapsulate the magic and healing power water possesses within its depth.

Karole’s technique, much like water, is fluid, merging different elements in her composition using layers of transparent acrylic washes, and flowing brush strokes. The transparent figures in her paintings evoke themes of memory and reflection, thereby providing a sense of timelessness and transience. Her artwork tends to be peaceful, reflective, poetic, and minimalist.

She has acquired substantial recognition for her work, garnering grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts, exhibiting her pieces extensively, and making her way into numerous private and public collections in Canada, USA, and Europe. A long- time member of the Canadian Artists Representation/Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC), she is also a member of the Quinte and Prince Edward County Arts Councils.

In the midst of engaging in her creative pursuit, Karole certainly has not lost sight of the broader societal context. Echoing her personal beliefs and values, her work underscores the significance of preserving our bond with nature and cherishing our fundamental interconnectedness with our surroundings.

Karole Marois

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