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Kenneth J. Gordon is a retired high school art teacher of 30 years. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B.F.A (Hons.), Educ. Cert. He is currently residing in Smithville, Ontario making art. Working in both realistic and non-representational, Gordon works in acrylic and watercolours; his live edge wood pieces combine his love for nature and art.

”In my artwork I am trying to bring forth this idea that we do not own nature, we share it and should honour it. I have been using found or cast away wood as the surface to my paintings. Barn wood planks, driftwood, live edge boards, leftover trimmings, piled up in fields, tossed off in dumpsters at sawmills or fallen from dilapidated barns, these wooden surfaces show their worn, battered souls that would normally continue to rot and decay or be destroyed.”

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