Collection: Marilyn Cochrane

Marilyn Cochrane received her Fine Arts Degree from McGill University in Montreal. She studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design and York University in Toronto. As well as attending The American School of Art in Paris, France. Her paintings reflect a highly realistic style combined with flowing abstract lines and brushstrokes that animate the canvas, focusing on the subject of planets, landscapes and flowers.

“I came across the idea that a painting can slow down time, that it is a gift of anti-speed. The onlooker can wander through the painted image at leisure, following the colour changes, brushstrokes, perspectives and light effects and be drawn into a timeless experience.”

Marilyn has received various awards including the A.J. Casson Award for outstanding achievement in watercolour, the Carl Schaeffer Award of Excellence and The Bobs & Peter Haworth Award for best in show by CSPWC International Watercolour show in Toronto, Top Eight Designers in Canada at the Vancouver Craft Museum and the Top Ten Designers in Canada at the Museum of Textiles in Toronto.

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