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Michaela Lucio is an emerging Canadian artist, curator, and arts administrator. In her art practice, Lucio explores the residue of histories contained in family photographs and infuses intergenerational relationships with memory and imagination, often through a feminist lens of focusing on the roles of women and children play within the family unit. She currently resides in the rural community in which she grew up, Chatham-Kent, Ontario. She lives in Chatham-Kent, Ontario and is the Assistant Curator of the Thames Art Gallery.

Lucio holds a Specialist Honours Bachelor of Art from the University of Toronto Mississauga, an Advanced Diploma in Art and Art History from Sheridan College, and earned a Silver Metal Award upon graduating. She has exhibited her art at galleries across Ontario, including The Living Art Centre (Mississauga), The First Canadian Place (Toronto), Gallery 1313 (Toronto), and Glenhryst Art Gallery (Brantford). In 2022, she won first place at the WFCU Credit Union Painting Competition and Exhibition (Leamington Art Centre).

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