Collection: Michele Van Maurik

Michele Van Maurik is an award winning artist from Oakville whose dramatic light filled paintings are quickly gaining international recognition. She has been called ”a genius of light” and her paintings have garnered the attention of the Arts, Sciences and Lettres Academy of Paris, which awarded her the Gold medal for excellence in painting. Selected to represent Canada as part of the Canadian delegation, Van Maurik was invited to show her painting, “Sunflower/Tournesol” by the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts held at the Louvre in Paris in December 2013 and continued to show her work there for 4 consecutive years. 

In addition to painting Florals, Michele enjoys painting a variety of subjects: Plein air landscapes, still life and portraits of people and animals. Michele has taught workshops for numerous art schools and organizations such as The Studios of Key West in Florida, Maggiolly art studio in Orangeville, Don Valley Art Club and Southampton arts to name a few.

Her paintings have recently been featured in ARABELLA MAGAZINE as an artist to collect (winter 2018) AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR and INTERNATIONAL ARTIST MAGAZINE. Michele’s paintings can be seen hanging in private collections throughout Canada, Paris, Amsterdam, London, California and Key West Florida.

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