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Morgan Sarah Jane Branton is currently finishing her degree in Studio Art at Brock University. She works with acrylic paint and found materials creating unique textures and haptic landscapes. Central to her practice is a profound reverence for materials, which serve as both mediums of expression and conduits to understanding her worldviews. Deliberately engaging with textures and tactile sensations, she explores the intimate relationship between her hands and the materials they manipulate.

Morgan’s work aims to embark on a visual chronicle of personal narratives, encapsulating the essence of childhood and its attendant experiences of joy and loss. Through her work, she delves into themes of resilience, memory, and femininity, endeavoring to unravel the intricate tapestry of her past to illuminate the complexities of her present reality. Driven by a relentless pursuit of understanding and self-discovery, her artistic practice serves as a means of catharsis, inviting viewers to contemplate themes of trauma, love, and identity within the context of their own lives.

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