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Artists tend to think in abstract images, allegories and symbols and to a lesser degree in physical and chemical notions. I seek to combine the Art world and the material world to uncover the inner beauty and harmony that exists within both.”

Mykola Zhuravel is a distinguished Ukrainian painter and sculptor whose works have been exhibited internationally, including in the US, Ukraine and Germany. Combining classic artistic traditions, a Ukrainian worldview and a deeply personal sensation of life and peace, he creates works that search for compatibility between mankind and earth. Additionally seeking to break down boundaries between painting and sculpture, Zhuravel's resulting pieces appear vibrant, multi-faceted and inventive.

The artists exited Ukraine in March. During their arduous six-day journey from Kyiv to Uscie Gorlicke, Poland, it took them three days to pass through a 15 kilometer line at the border before making it to Poland. They witnessed many others abandoning their vehicles to walk the lengthy distance. From Poland, they flew to Canada arriving on March 27, 2022.

“I had a sense of foreboding after the 2014 invasion,” says Zhuravel. “I felt that it was just the beginning of a Russian effort that would ultimately seek to undo Ukraine. Regretfully, it seems that the works presented in 2016 are prophetic. Putin’s Russia is seeking to annihilate Ukraine. But he did not anticipate the will of the Ukrainian people.”


1979- Crimean art school im.Samokisha, Simferopol, Ukraine
1989 - graduated from the
prestigious Kyiv State Arts Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine

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