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Nancy Ignoto was born and raised in Toronto. She is currently finishing her BFA in Sculpture and Installation at OCAD University. She received the 13th Street Winery Expression Bursary during her 3rd year in the sculpture and installation program at OCAD university. Her art practice centers around the human condition, exploring emotions of pain and happiness connected to her relationships with family. She follows a material exploration based practice, focusing on metalwork, moldmaking and needlework. Nancy is currently interested in exploring her Italian heritage and creating artworks that help link her to this loss of culture.

"I never thought about money as a child, or how I would pay for school. Only as I got older did I realize that going to a post-secondary school will depend on how much money my parents had saved for me and how much I can work for and save myself. I didn’t plan on going to art school and pursuing a career in art but when I decided I knew I would need to work hard to support myself financially. Not just for the courses but for the supplies, and materials I will need to create my art pieces. This bursary is one aspect of the support needed to further my art career. I am so incredibly thankful. Juggling work and school can be difficult at times so your generosity is much appreciated. Thank you so much!"

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