Collection: Pearl Van Geest

With a rich and diverse background in the world of visual arts, Pearl Van Geest has been a prominent figure in the Canadian art scene since 1997 when she established her studio in the Trafalgar Building in downtown Guelph. Her art has graced solo and group exhibitions across Canada. Pearl's work is part of the Canada Art Council's collection and is part of private and corporate collections. As the City of Guelph's inaugural Artist in Residence in 2014, she crafted a collaborative permanent artwork for the West End Community Center. Her innovative "Kiss Paintings", done at various locations spanning over 20 years, invite viewers to imprint kiss marks onto canvases, inspiring her own unique responses.

Currently serving as sessional faculty in the Visual Arts Department at Brock University, Pearl is actively engaged in the artistic community. She is a member of the Throbbing Rose collective, focusing on the exploration of ideas related to queer ecology. Additionally, she is a part of the International Broken Forest Group, where she collaboratively works on establishing an international art residency in Temagami, a testament to her dedication to fostering artistic exchange.

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