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Sara Turavani is a graduate of the Visual Arts program at Brock University. She is a Niagara-based artist who embarks on a profound exploration of the human psyche. Drawing from the depths of her consciousness and innermost thoughts, Sara channels her creative energy into a diverse array of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and textiles. At the heart of Sara's artistic journey lies a passionate exploration of mental health. Her creative process is an immersive voyage into the recesses of her mind, yielding evocative and deeply introspective pieces that beckon viewers to engage with their own emotional landscapes.

Through her work, she poses a fundamental question: "What am I truly feeling in this moment?" Primarily situated within the surrealist realm, Sara's art defies immediate comprehension, inviting viewers into a realm of prolonged contemplation. She believes that surrealism, much like the human experience, is fluid and ever-evolving, mirroring the nuanced journey of navigating emotions such as grief, joy, and sadness. In Sara's vibrant palette, color transcends conventional associations, becoming a vivid expression of the myriad emotions infused into her creations. Sara's artistic mission is to serve as a beacon of inspiration, reminding individuals to cultivate presence and self-care in their journey of personal growth. Through each of her poignant pieces, she offers a gentle yet powerful reminder of the profound beauty that can emerge from embracing vulnerability and exploring the depths of one's own soul.

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